Do you feel Parenthood is

outside your reach?


surrogacy in Ukraine

Realize your dream of parenthood

through Ukrainian Surrogacy

international surrogacy

To everyone else it looks like you are happy and successful. On the inside though, you feel a longing, an emptiness, a helplessness.


We at Delivering Dreams Ukrainian Surrogacy know that one year from today, all that can change.

international surrogacy


You are not alone! There is nothing wrong with you!

surrogacy in ukraine?

surrogacy in ukraine

You have overcome challenges and struggles.

You are strong.


We are here to help!

Ukrainian surrogacy may be your solution.

Unsure of the surrogacy process, especially internationally? Held back by fear? Not sure what to do?

delivering dreams


We are with you every step of your Ukrainian Surrogacy journey through bringing your newborn home.

Our international surrogacy programs provide all you need to have your child.

Our Delivering Dreams family will make your family dreams come true.

We guide you through your surrogacy journey with care and support. We will help you:

delivering dreams

- Understand the benefits of Ukrainian surrogacy laws for you and your child;

- Choose the best program;

- Match you immediately with a pre-screened surrogate and/or donor that meets your needs;

- Meet and communicate with your surrogate throughout the pregnancy;

- Make travel easy by arranging flights, accommodations, translation and transportation;

- We will even hold your hand (if you want!) as you witness your baby’s birth.


Let’s begin your Ukrainian surrogacy journey together

international surrogacy

Once you have started this journey to change your life with us, what previously seemed impossible, becomes reality.


All it takes is that first step... Who will you be in a year?

international surrogacy


It’s time to realize your dreams. Achieve your potential.

Fill you heart with love. And become parents.


Shall you learn about our journey together?



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