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Confidence During Pregnancy: Caring for Surrogate Mothers at Delivering Dreams

In the journey of surrogacy, the choice of a surrogate is paramount—not just for the intended parents but for the future of the child she will carry. At Delivering Dreams Surrogacy Agency, we stand by the belief that a surrogate is the cornerstone of a successful surrogacy journey. Our surrogates are more than just carriers; they are highly educated, young, and healthy individuals dedicated to bringing dreams to life. Ukraine, boasting the fourth-highest rate of education globally, is home to our surrogates, most of whom hold university degrees, and many have advanced degrees. This high level of education not only signifies intelligence but also a profound understanding and commitment to the surrogacy process.

Rigorous Selection Process: Ensuring Only the Best Surrogates for You

Before presenting a surrogate profile for your consideration, each candidate undergoes a rigorous vetting process. Delivering Dreams is committed to ensuring that every surrogate in our program not only meets but exceeds the standards of health, intelligence, and emotional stability required for this significant role.

To be considered for our surrogacy programs, potential surrogates must first fulfill the fundamental criteria of having had at least one healthy, natural childbirth and being between 22 and 36 years old. However, meeting these requirements is only the beginning. The selection process narrows down significantly from there, with only 1 out of every 12 applicants being accepted into our programs. This stringent selection ratio underscores our dedication to quality and safety in the surrogacy process.

Key Requirements for Potential Surrogates Include:

  • Possessing at least one child born naturally, ensuring experience with pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Being aged between 22 and 36, to promote the best possible health and recovery outcomes.
  • Having no criminal record ensures the safety and reliability of the surrogacy journey.
  • She was exhibiting no family history of significant health issues, diseases, or disorders, minimizing potential health risks for the baby.
  • Leading a lifestyle free from smoking, drinking, and drug use, and without exposure to harmful chemicals or dangers, safeguarding the health of both surrogate and child.

Comprehensive Screening Process Every Surrogate Must Pass:

  • Extensive personal interviews to assess readiness and suitability for surrogacy.
  • Thorough medical screening by healthcare professionals to ensure optimal physical health.
  • Drug screening to confirm a healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse.
  • Psychological screening to ensure emotional and mental readiness for the surrogacy journey.
  • Criminal background checks for additional safety and security.
  • A detailed home visit to ensure a stable, safe, and healthy living environment.
  • Review of pregnancy and family health history by medical professionals to anticipate and mitigate any potential health risks.

At Delivering Dreams, we recognize the importance of maintaining and enhancing our surrogates’ health and well-being throughout their pregnancy. By ensuring that our surrogates have always led a lifestyle characterized by good nutrition, safety, and the support of their loved ones, we uphold our commitment to the highest standards of surrogacy care and excellence.

Partnering with the Best Medical Professionals

At Delivering Dreams Surrogacy Agency, our surrogates are ensured top-tier medical care from the outset of their journey. They are guaranteed to work with some of the finest doctors and embryologists dedicated to their health and the successful outcome of the surrogacy. Our medical professionals are selected for their expertise as well as their ethical commitment to prioritize the well-being of our surrogates and the babies above all, ensuring practices that aim for success from the very first embryo transfer. This approach is rooted in a philosophy that rejects any compromises on health and integrity for financial gain.

The value Delivering Dreams places on our surrogates is palpable in every aspect of their journey, from medical care to emotional support, extending beyond the pregnancy itself. The consistent care, respect, and support provided by our team reinforce the surrogate's significance to us, not just as carriers but as cherished members of the Delivering Dreams family. This level of dedication and care establishes a nurturing environment that honors their contribution, ensuring they feel truly appreciated and respected throughout their surrogacy experience.

Unwavering Support Throughout Pregnancy

During the pregnancy, Delivering Dreams ensures that every surrogate receives comprehensive physiological and medical support. This continuous support encompasses everything from regular medical check-ups to ensuring the surrogate adheres to a healthy lifestyle and diet, critical for the well-being of both the surrogate and the baby. Our team works closely with the surrogates to monitor their health and ensure compliance with all prescribed medical guidelines, dietary restrictions, and any specific requests from the intended parents. This meticulous approach to health and wellness underscores our commitment to the successful outcome of each surrogacy journey.

Our surrogates are fully aware of the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, and we take every measure to facilitate this. Through regular monitoring and communication, we ensure that our surrogates are not only following the medical instructions closely but also incorporating any individual preferences or requirements that the intended parents might have. This level of detailed care and supervision guarantees that the surrogates are in optimal health throughout their pregnancy, reflecting Delivering Dreams’ dedication to excellence in surrogacy care.

Transparency and Direct Communication with Your Surrogate

At Delivering Dreams, we prioritize building a strong foundation of trust and transparency between you and your surrogate mother from the outset. We warmly encourage intended parents to meet their surrogate, either in person or through a virtual platform, before embarking on the journey together. This initial connection is pivotal in establishing a comfortable and open relationship throughout the surrogacy process. Tailoring our communication methods to fit your personal preferences, we offer a range of options from receiving weekly updates and detailed medical reports to more direct forms of interaction.

To further facilitate this direct line of communication, we establish a personal Viber group for each set of intended parents and their surrogate. This group becomes a private space for sharing test results, medical updates, and even joyful moments and photos, ensuring you are as connected as you wish to be. Whether you prefer in-depth discussions, frequent check-ins, or simply staying updated with the latest developments via messages, this personal group ensures transparency and fosters a closer bond during this shared journey. Our approach at Delivering Dreams is to make the surrogacy experience as inclusive and engaging as possible, ensuring you feel an integral part of this beautiful process.

Relocation and Childbirth in Lviv: Ensuring Safety in the Final Stages

As the pregnancy progresses towards the crucial final stages, Delivering Dreams takes extensive measures to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of our surrogates. From the 32nd week of pregnancy, surrogates are relocated from their hometowns to specially arranged apartments in the city of Lviv. This strategic move is pivotal not only for comfort but also for security; located in Western Ukraine, Lviv is distanced from conflict zones, offering a peaceful environment essential for the well-being of both the surrogate and the unborn child.

Lviv, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and robust security, provides a safe haven during these vital weeks. The city’s proximity to the western border is additionally beneficial, facilitating easy and swift access for intended parents traveling from abroad to meet their newborns. This logistical advantage ensures that parents can arrive promptly and without complications as the delivery date approaches.

In Lviv, our surrogates enjoy continuous care under the watchful eyes of top medical professionals. Births take place in local, well-equipped medical facilities where safety standards are rigorously upheld. By centralizing our operations in such a secure location, Delivering Dreams underscores its commitment to safety and a stress-free surrogacy experience for all parties involved. Here in Lviv, every heartbeat and smile is a testament to our dedication to combining maternal care with unparalleled security measures.