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Monday, 30 October 2017 12:03

# 17: Kyiv, Ukraine is Great!

17 Reasons to Consider Surrogacy in Ukraine 17 Reasons to Consider Surrogacy in Ukraine

When most Americans think of international surrogacy, they think of third world countries with extreme poverty, such as India, Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. However, with all these countries closing their doors to international surrogacy, it is time to look towards a Western European nation that is a great choice for legally secure affordable surrogacy.

Yes, Ukraine is in Western Europe! It is actually the largest country in Europe. Yes, it does have poverty, but now at all what you might be expecting. We can bet Kyiv, Ukraine will very pleasantly surprise you! The city is both extremely modern and stunningly historical. Modern business centers, shopping malls and international hotels are interspersed with ancient cathedrals.

Ukraine is in Western EuropeIntended parents are always surprised by the modern airport and accommodations, delighted by the western European charm of cobbled streets, cafes, delicious restaurants and culture, and wowed by the hyper-modern medical facilities.

Ukrainians have always looked West. They are very fond of Americans and very friendly.

Whether you are visiting to meet your surrogate at the beginning of your journey, or welcoming your newborn child into the world, you will be sure have more important things on your mind than sightseeing. Still, you will be happily surprised by this lovely, safe city.

Delivering DreamsWith Delivering Dreams, we will make your Ukrainian surrogacy travels and stay as relaxing and worry free as possible. We will help you with tickets, arrange accommodations, provide you with packing lists, greet you upon your arrival and help you settle in. We provide you with an interpreter for all meetings as well as transportation.

We help you enjoy both your surrogacy journey, and your journeys to Ukraine.

Contact us to find out more about our IVF and Surrogacy programs in Ukraine.

For the best service, medical facilities and affordable surrogacy with strong legal protections for the intended parents from inception, contact us at Delivering Dreams. Learn if we can help you grow your family through Ukrainian Surrogacy. 908-386-3864 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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