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Thursday, 09 November 2017 12:07

17 Reasons to Consider Surrogacy in Ukraine: # 16: No Adoption or Re-Adoption Required

No Adoption or Re-Adoption Required No Adoption or Re-Adoption Required

Another great reason to consider Ukrainian surrogacy is the absolute lack of documentation required when and after you return home to the US.

Your child is already a US citizen, with a US Passport in hand. There is no additional paperwork. Your newborn does not need to file for citizenship or require adoption or re-adoption.

When you have a child through international surrogacy in Ukraine, all of the paperwork is done at the US Embassy in Ukraine. When you get home, there is nothing for you to do but enjoy your newborn child, and change some diapers!

At Delivering Dreams, we take care of all the necessary paperwork, documents and tests required by the US Embassy in Ukraine for your newborn to receive US citizenship and passport. This work is included in all our Ukrainian surrogacy packages. One less thing to worry about! We want to make your Ukrainian surrogacy experience one to remember and take paperwork off your mind.

For the peace of mind knowing that when you return home with your child through Ukrainian surrogacy, there is nothing more to do, consider surrogacy in Ukraine.

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