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Thursday, 16 November 2017 12:44

PGS - Preimplantation Embryo Screening, the Real Deal! Increasing Success of Ukrainian Surrogacy

The latest hot topic just became hotter! Preimplantation Genetic Screening – or PGS – is one of many advancements within the field of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and infertility treatment. Also referred to as Comprehensive Chromosome Screening or Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy, PGS is the screening of embryos conceived via IVF to identify those with the proper number of chromosomes and thus the highest likelihood of success. While the media, online communities, and scientific field at large have buzzed about PGS for years, recent press has raised new questions. “Is PGS even worth it? Is PGS helping build families or hindering their growth?”

The answer is: “Yes! PGS is worth it, and is helping build families!” As leaders in the field of reproductive genetic testing, CooperGenomics is at the forefront of PGS. In fact, our lab performed the first PGS test years ago, and we’ve continued to dedicate ourselves to researching its impact and advancing the test to provide even better outcomes. We would like to take this opportunity to answer some complicated questions and provide a fuller picture of PGS.

What is PGS, and how is it performed?

PGS is a genetic screening technique which allows us to identify the chromosome content of IVF embryos. Embryos with a normal number of chromosomes (also called euploid) are more likely to lead to a successful pregnancy and healthy live birth than embryos with an abnormal amount of chromosomal material (also called aneuploid).

PGS is performed by taking a small sample of cells from the trophectoderm of a growing embryo and testing those cells. The trophectoderm goes on to become the placenta and other supporting structures of a pregnancy; the inner cell mass, which develops into the fetus, is left untouched throughout the PGS process.

How does PGS help improve my chances of IVF success?

By identifying the embryos most likely to lead to a healthy live birth, you and your physician can prioritize which embryo to transfer– potentially increasing pregnancy rate, reducing miscarriage rate, and reducing the time to a successful pregnancy.

Are all embryos either ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’?

In recent years, three distinct categories of PGS results have emerged. In addition to the well-understood euploid/normal (expected number of chromosomes) and aneuploid/abnormal (extra or missing chromosomes), scientists can now use next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques to routinely identify mosaic embryos. Mosaic embryos contain a mix of both normal and abnormal cells.

Previously used technologies were less-sensitive and could not reliably detect mosaicism, meaning embryos could only be classified as normal or abnormal.

Can mosaic embryos make babies?

Data has shown that mosaic embryos – specifically those with a lower level of mosaicism – can successfully implant and lead to healthy live births; however, they do so at a lower rate than normal embryos, and have a higher probability of miscarriage.

It’s important to note here that the ability to identify mosaicism in embryo samples is new, and embryos identified as mosaic may have been called abnormal by previous technologies. It is very likely that we have, unknowingly, been transferring mosaic embryos for years. An article recently published in New York Magazine questioned the utility of PGS, citing two groups who saw success following transfer of abnormal embryos. However, the 24 embryos transferred from one group were not fully abnormal but were in fact mosaic, and the seven analyzed by another group were analyzed with an older technology that could not differentiate between abnormal and mosaic.

What if I had PGS as part of my IVF treatment years ago? Were my PGS results wrong?

No science is perfect, and as with any medical testing there is the chance for misdiagnosis. For PGS performed on older technology platforms (such as aCGH), the published error rate was 2%. Today’s NGS methodologies have an even lower error rate – our data indicates 0.5%.

All of this sounds very complicated! Do you have evidence to support the use of PGS?

While the recent PGS press highlighted interesting results from one small study, it unfortunately failed to acknowledge or share the number of randomized controlled trials (RCTs – the gold standard of research in medicine) on PGS and their supportive findings.

An analysis published by the CDC in 2016 found decreased miscarriage rates (for patients >35 y.o.) and increased live birth rates (for patients >37 y.o.) with IVF and PGS. A 2017 article in Fertility and Sterility (Rubio et. al.) concluded that PGS was “superior” to controls for clinical outcome at first transfer, decreased miscarriage rates, and shortened time to pregnancy for women >38 y.o. In our own experience, we routinely work with centers who see IVF+PGS success rates of up to 60%.

For the best service, medical facilities and affordable surrogacy with strong legal protections for the intended parents from inception, contact us at Delivering Dreams. Learn if we can help you grow your family through Ukrainian Surrogacy. 908-386-3864 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We have been very satisfied, I have been comfortable at the clinic and with my doctor. I was heard. I could ask any questions. I like you have hu-mor, despite the circumstances. Great clinic. Your service has been very good. You have been a huge support and very spacious. You have been available 24 hours a day. You have the answer to all the questions we have been asked. You have accommodated our nervousness, you have rejoiced with us, you have been there throughout. I could not have wished ...
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A and S
The communication with surrogate is easy and better than what we expected. The updates are provided as scheduled with occasional surprises
The support was great. It was easy on us that the coordination was done by the delivering dreams team while being completely transparent with us on the progress. The communication with the delivering dreams team was always fast, responsive, and easy.
E and K
Thank you kate. You have been great today and all the other days ❤ you are a great team. We are very satisfied and happy for your help.
We were confident before in our choice, but this experience has confirmed beyond any doubt that we choose the best agency.
I loved working with Susan and her team and highly recommend them to anyone considering her services. She's is great at every aspect of a process and knows how to handle delicate matters.
Diana Lyakhovetska
Susan truly understands the needs of parents using surrogacy, and offers comprehensive emotional support to parents as they experience the journey!
Christine Hughes Pontier
The team at Delivering Dreams is amazing! Their attention to detail and ability to put your mind at ease while growing your family is like none other. They handled everything for us, and I never once doubted they would help us accomplish our dreams.
Margaret Jones
I’ve known Susan for several years now, and I’ve always been impressed by her attention to her clients’ needs. I’ve known her to work ardently and diligently to solve whatever challenges, no matter how unique, that prevent her clients from completing their families. She is a problem-solver, and she earnestly believes in providing the best options and in making surrogacy opportunities realities: this is not merely a business for Susan. She will help customize the process for your needs and to ...
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Mary Woods
Susan has a keen sense of business and goes to the max to solve her clients’ problems. She is super knowledgeable on business, laws and how things work in surrogacy in general, and specifically on Ukrainian surrogacy. She is an advocate for transparency in a market that’s often opaque and full of hidden risks. I really enjoyed working with Susan. She really pays attention to detail and was always looking out for my best interest above all. Highly recommend!
Laurie Tham
Delivering Dreams goes above and beyond what other surrogacy agencies offer. After speaking with Susan, I see how they anticipate every part of the process, down to details that I had never even considered. I didn’t know what I didn’t know! Surrogacy can be really complicated and confusing. What an amazing sense of relief to have a company so dedicated to managing the WHOLE process and taking away as much of the stress as possible.
Kate Varness
I have gotten to know Susan through a group where we are members. I have found her to be a genuine and caring person. Her consideration for others and love of her work with Ukrainian surrogates and parents-to-be are evident in all her decision making. She is passionate about being a force for the greater good and helping where she can. I have been amazed at the way she is able to smoothly navigate the complicated maze of requirements in the surrogacy process. I am happy to give her my highest...
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Rose Anne Barbour Huck
Susan Kibler is kind.  She clearly loves those she works with and loves what she does.  Susan listens deeply and compassionately and can make you laugh all in the space of one conversation.  She is wonderful!  If you are feeling worried, she'll hear you.  If you have questions, she will find answers for you. If you need help, she does her very best to support you.  I feel so fortunate to have found her and imagine you will too.
Frances Russell
Susan has the ability to really connect on a personal level quickly.  I have found her easy to talk to and have been so grateful for her guidance.  She is one of those people who offers so much to her clients.  She sees the big picture and has a heart for the most intimate concerns.  She is highly skilled and able to manage what can certainly be challenging and uncomfortable experiences, making them feel easier.  She will take charge at the perfect times and guide you when you really need her...
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Susan Seare
The international surrogacy world is complicated. Susan Kibler knows its ins-and-outs. She knows the people and outfits you can trust and the ones to avoid. She insists on the best for her clients and handles the details so they don't have to worry about them. If you want to take the international surrogacy journey, you can trust Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency to guide you on that path.
Nancy Linnerooth
My friend and I had a positive experience working with Susan. Susan is always super responsive and caring. She is very professional, helpful and reliable. My friend has soo much troubles trying having a baby for many years. My friend and her husband were about to give up their dream of having a baby. Susan Kersch Kibler found the way to help. She has unlimited energy, attentive to detail and super efficient. Great to work with!
Polina Clend
Susan is passionate about helping people become families. She is a trustworthy confidant to have on your side.
Kristen Ancker
Our experience with Delivering Dreams has been overwhelmingly positive. The team seems to be genuinely dedicated to helping us to realize our dream of having a child. The constant communication leading up to the trip and the numerous touch points made us feel comforted in what has been a very challenging and uncomfortable situation. We always had streamlined communication through the group chat and was frequently checked on during our stay.

Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.