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Friday, 26 May 2023 19:12

Pros and cons of surrogacy. Benefits of surrogacy. Ethics of surrogacy pros and cons


Surrogacy, an intricate process that involves a woman carrying a child for someone else, is a noble journey. A woman who chooses to become a surrogate mother makes a significant decision, one that's likely to have profound impacts on her life and that of the intended parents. This act of selflessness and love intertwines the destinies of two different families. This decision, however, is not without its challenges and rewards. This comprehensive article aims to explore the depths of the surrogacy experience, providing an in-depth look at the pros and cons of being a surrogate mother. We delve into the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts, shedding light on the multifaceted aspects of this remarkable journey.

The Pros of Being a Surrogate Mother

The path to becoming a surrogate mother is often driven by profound motivations, deeply rooted in the willingness to help others. Here, we delve deeper into the benefits that often drive women to embrace this unique journey.

 Surrogacy is a Fulfilling Experience

One of the most profound benefits of being a surrogate is the deep sense of fulfillment derived from the process. As a surrogate, you're not just carrying a child, but also the dreams and hopes of the intended parents. The ability to assist someone in realizing their dream of parenthood is a heartwarming experience that goes beyond words. This journey is about creating bonds, fostering relationships, and making dreams come true.

 Surrogate Mothers are Part of a Strong Support Group

Embarking on a surrogacy journey does not mean you have to tread the path alone. Quite the contrary, surrogate mothers often find themselves being part of a robust community, a group of strong, determined women who have chosen to become involved in this unique process. This supportive environment can be a haven, offering an opportunity to share experiences, express concerns, seek advice, and provide mutual support. The surrogate community can provide a sense of belonging, helping to navigate through potential challenges along the journey.

 Surrogates Can Experience Being Pregnant Again

The experience of being pregnant is unique and cherished by many women. Pregnancy brings with it an array of emotions and sensations, a bond that starts to form even before the baby arrives. Some women, who love the process of being pregnant but don't wish to add to their family, see surrogacy as an opportunity. It allows them to experience the joys of pregnancy while contributing meaningfully to someone else's life.

 Surrogates Receive a Generous Compensation

Emotional rewards aside, surrogacy also provides substantial financial benefits. The compensation a surrogate mother receives can be a considerable sum, varying based on location and individual circumstances. This financial compensation can support the surrogate's financial stability, providing resources for life improvements, funding educational endeavors, repaying debts, or securing a financial future.

 Surrogates are Legally Protected

Embarking on a surrogacy journey doesn't mean walking into a legal vacuum. In fact, legal frameworks often govern gestational surrogacy agreements to protect the rights and interests of the surrogate. These legal contracts ensure that all involved parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities, providing clarity on the medical processes, compensation, and potential risks.

 The Cons of Being a Surrogate Mother

While surrogacy carries significant benefits, it also comes with its share of challenges. It's important for potential surrogates to understand these potential downsides before making the decision.

 Surrogacy is Physically and Emotionally Demanding

Pregnancy, irrespective of whether it's personal or as a surrogate, is physically demanding. The process involves carrying a child for nine months, going through all the stages of pregnancy, and experiencing the pains and aches associated with childbirth. Besides the physical strain, surrogacy can also be emotionally taxing, involving hormonal shifts, emotional fluctuations, and potential postpartum feelings.

 Surrogacy is a Lengthy Process

The journey of surrogacy isn't a short one. It involves several stages, from medical screenings to legal procedures, fertility treatments, and the gestation period itself. The surrogacy process requires a substantial time commitment, patience, and resilience. Those considering surrogacy need to be prepared for this commitment and be ready to embark on a journey that might span over a year or more.

Being a Surrogate has Health Risks

As with any pregnancy, surrogacy comes with potential health risks. These could range from pregnancy-related complications to risks associated with fertility treatments. It's essential for potential surrogates to understand and be prepared for these risks, ensuring that they make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

 Surrogates Need Medications to Become Pregnant

The surrogacy process isn't as simple as natural conception. It involves medical interventions and hormonal treatments designed to prepare the surrogate's body for pregnancy. While these medications are crucial for the success of the surrogacy process, they can come with side effects, including bloating, mood swings, hot flashes, and other discomforts.

 Surrogacy is Still Being Stigmatized

Despite growing awareness and acceptance, surrogacy still faces societal stigma. Surrogates can often encounter judgment, misconceptions, and stigmatization, which can exert emotional pressure and affect their overall surrogacy experience. It's important for surrogates to be prepared for this societal perception and have strategies to handle potential negative reactions.


The decision to become a surrogate is deeply personal and complex. It's a decision that needs careful consideration, weighing the pros and cons, and thorough understanding of the journey ahead. Each surrogate's experience is unique, influenced by her personal circumstances, motivations, support system, and the intended parents she helps. If you're considering this journey, consulting with a reputable agency can provide invaluable guidance. They offer resources, advice, and support to ensure every surrogate mother embarks on this journey fully informed and adequately supported. They champion the belief that every surrogate mother deserves comprehensive care, understanding, and appreciation for the extraordinary gift she is offering.


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Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.