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Wednesday, 06 December 2023 00:07

Surrogacy in Ukraine: Myths and Reality with Delivering Dreams


Surrogacy in Ukraine is often shrouded in myths and misconceptions. At Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency, we aim to dispel these myths, providing clarity and confidence to those considering surrogacy as a path to parenthood.

1. Myth: Genetic Connection to Child with Surrogate

Reality: A common misconception is that the surrogate mother shares a genetic connection with the child. However, in gestational surrogacy, which is the standard in Ukraine and at Delivering Dreams, the child is biologically related to the intended parents or donors, not the surrogate. This is achieved through IVF, where an embryo created with the intended parents' or donors' genetic material is implanted in the surrogate.

2. Myth: Surrogacy is Not Safe

Reality: Safety is a paramount concern in surrogacy. At Delivering Dreams, we select surrogates only from safe regions in Ukraine. Moreover, we are prepared for any necessary relocations to ensure the safety of the surrogate and the unborn child throughout the pregnancy. This proactive approach to safety reflects our commitment to all parties' well-being.

3. Myth: Surrogates are Poor

Reality: It's a common misconception that surrogates are primarily motivated by financial reasons. At Delivering Dreams, we work with women from various socio-economic backgrounds. Our surrogates choose this path for altruistic reasons as much as for financial ones, often driven by the desire to help others experience the joy of parenthood.

4. Myth: Surrogates are Uneducated

Reality: The stereotype that surrogates are uneducated is far from true, especially at Delivering Dreams. We ensure that our surrogates are well-informed and educated, often with higher education degrees. This ensures they fully understand the surrogacy process and are committed to providing the best care and support throughout the journey.

5. Myth: Surrogates Do It Only for the Money

Reality: The notion that surrogates are solely motivated by financial gain is a significant oversimplification. In truth, many surrogates at Delivering Dreams embark on this journey driven by altruistic reasons. They find profound personal fulfillment in helping others achieve their dream of parenthood. While compensation is part of the process, it's not the sole factor. Our surrogates are carefully selected and counseled, ensuring they understand and are committed to the emotional and ethical aspects of surrogacy.

6. Myth: The Surrogate and Donors' Names are on the Birth Certificate

Reality: In Ukraine, the legal framework for surrogacy is clear and parent-focused. At the birth of the child through surrogacy, the intended parents' names are the ones listed on the birth certificate, not the surrogate’s or donors'. This policy simplifies the legal process, granting immediate parental rights to the intended parents and ensuring no legal obligations or connections with the surrogate and donors.

7. Myth: Shipping Biomaterial is Dangerous and Reduces Quality

Reality: Concerns about the safety and integrity of shipped biomaterial are common but largely unfounded. Delivering Dreams uses cutting-edge cryopreservation and secure transportation methods to ensure the biomaterial's viability. These advanced techniques maintain the quality and integrity of sperm, eggs, or embryos during transit, allowing for successful and effective IVF procedures.

8. Myth: It Takes Months to Get Your Child Out of the Country/Exit Documents

Reality: The perception that obtaining exit documents for a newborn in a surrogacy arrangement is a lengthy process is not accurate, especially with Delivering Dreams. We streamline the process, often completing all necessary formalities within two weeks. Our expertise and familiarity with Ukrainian legal requirements enable us to expedite the process, allowing families to return home promptly with their new members.

9. Myth: The Wait for a Surrogate is Over a Year

Reality: A common misconception is that finding a surrogate in Ukraine involves a long waiting period, often over a year. However, we pride ourselves on our efficient matching process at Delivering Dreams. We understand the value of time in the journey to parenthood. Therefore, we work diligently to match intended parents with a suitable surrogate mother promptly, often without any waiting period. This efficiency is part of our commitment to making surrogacy as smooth and stress-free as possible.

10. Myth: It is Forbidden to Speak with Your Surrogate

Reality: Contrary to the belief that communication with the surrogate is restricted, Delivering Dreams encourages open and regular communication. We facilitate the creation of communication groups on Viber or other messengers, allowing intended parents to stay in contact with their surrogates. This includes sharing updates, photos, and videos, and fostering a transparent and supportive relationship throughout the surrogacy journey. We believe that building a bond and maintaining contact is beneficial for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

11. Myth: You Can Only Give Birth in Kyiv

Reality: While Kyiv is a popular location for surrogacy births in Ukraine, it's not the only option. Delivering Dreams offers the flexibility to choose between Kyiv and Lviv for the birth. This choice allows intended parents to consider their convenience and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and reassuring experience during this significant life event. Both cities have state-of-the-art medical facilities and expert care, ensuring the highest standard of service and safety.

Wrapping Up

By addressing these myths, the Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency aims to provide clarity and reassurance to those considering surrogacy in Ukraine. Our mission is to make your journey to parenthood as smooth, quick, and fulfilling as possible, underscored by our dedication to transparency, communication, and choice.

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Hallo Oksana,  vielen Dank für Deine ausführliche Erklärung. Wir haben alles gut verstanden. Das zeichnet due Arbeit von Euch und Eurem Ärzteteam aus. So kann man gut vertrauen. Hello Oksana, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. We understood everything well. This is what distinguishes the work of you and your medical team. This is a good way to trust.
German couple
One of the best teams and my program! Hello! I want to share my experience and my impression of my program, one of the best programs, and the team from the Delivering Dreams Agency! Great attitude, attentive staff, responsible! Always in touch 24/7! Lyubov Omelchuk is a wonderful person, she was with me from the first minute of implantation until the end of the entire program! I am grateful that Lyubov was always with me! People of their word! Staff who never let you down! I highly recommend...
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Anna Priazhnikova
DD is outstanding We have just returned home to California with our beautiful daughter who was born in Lviv. The Delivering Dreams team made our trip so easy and straightforward. From our arrival to Ukraine to our departure, they had everything covered. The constant communication from the team is amazing. All of our paperwork for the embassy was properly prepared and organized. I cannot recommend them enough, we are even thinking about having another baby with DD!
Andrey Frenkel
Thank you very much Dear Oksana, Thank you very much for the great news. We still can't believe it and are totally speechless. The work you do under these difficult conditions cannot be put into words. Thank you very much for that. Liebe Oksana, vielen Dank für die super schöne Neuigkeit. Wir können es noch gar nicht glauben und sind total sprachlos. Was Ihr für eine Arbeit leistet, unter den schweren Bedingungen,  kann man nicht in Worte fassen. Vielen herzlichen Dank dafür.
Couple from Germany
Very friendly, pleasant team I am very grateful to the international surrogacy agency Delivering Dreams for such a short period of experience that dispelled all doubts and the remains of incomprehensible questions that were before and during this program, but I had a wonderful curator Lyuba who did not leave me for a second even on distances?❤️ This is how experienced, pleasant, kind woman you want to go to the program at least immediately after finishing the first one! Very friendly, pleasa...
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Thank you for the wonderful experience and the opportunity to help future parents. I also want to thank Lyubov Omelchuk (Delivering Dreams) for her kindness and empathy, she was always in touch throughout the program, especially since the rehabilitation course is based on the supervision and advice of the curator. My worries about the procedure were in vain because everything went perfectly, thanks to the 24/7 support of the curator and qualified doctors Дякую за чудовий досвід, та змогу...
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Thank you very much for worrying about me.  I really want to start the program at Delivery Dreams agency. The doctors here are extraordinary. Coordinator Lyubov is also extraordinary, always in touch and worries about me. After the hysteroscopy, Lyubochka is on the phone with me 24/7. Thank you very much for worrying about me. I hope that my program will start soon and I will present the baby to the biological parents. Thank you for being there!?? Я дуже хочу почати програму в агенстві De...
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Eleanora G.
My wonderful program I am very grateful to the Delivering Dreams agency for my program. I had the best curator, she was like a friend who would help in everything and solve any matter not only related to the program. Lyubov, you are a miracle, I am very grateful to you. The doctors who accompanied me throughout the program are very good specialists in their field. Starting with Volodymyr Volodymyrovych and ending with Igor Mykhailovych, they are golden people. I am very glad that I gave my B...
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Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.