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Wednesday, 10 June 2020 14:06

‘She said she’d be babysitting our embryo’

Surrogacy between friends can be life-changing. The people who have done it talk emotions, legal hurdles – and WhatsApp birthing groups In a flat in north-east London, Abi is cradling her best friend’s baby. At 15 weeks old, the little boy is smiling up at her, testing out his first sounds. His mother, Rachel, prepares his bottle while Abi rocks him, showing all the love she would to any of her friends’ children. The only difference is that Abi gave birth to him. Abi and Rachel, both 35, met on their first day at university in Birmingham in 2003 and…
Sunday, 07 June 2020 12:39


If you are battling infertility, Father’s day is quite likely to leave you with a disheartening feeling. It is that day of the year when every man who is struggling with infertility misses out being adored by smiling little faces. It’s a bittersweet feeling to watch children bond with their fathers on this special day, while you wonder if the future holds the same for you or not. Fatherhood is a gift from God, but not everyone is blessed with this special gift that easily. But, there is always a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel, as…
Wednesday, 03 June 2020 07:39

Surrogates left holding the baby as coronavirus rules strand parents

A week before Sierra Martin’s 27 February due date, she received an email. It was from the couple that Martin was carrying a baby for, as a gestational surrogate. This was Martin’s first surrogacy; she was carrying a boy for a gay couple from China. Due to the coronavirus travel ban, the email read, the couple wouldn’t be able to get into the US to collect their son. Would Martin look after him, until the restrictions were lifted? “I waited a full day before replying, because I didn’t know what to do,” says Martin, who is 22 and works as…
Sunday, 31 May 2020 19:31

Surrogacy 'leads to better parenting'

The world's first scientific study to lift the veil on the realities of surrogacy carried out in Britain suggests not only that surrogate mothers have no problem handing over babies, but that the families who receive the child are warmer, happier and more caring than ordinary families. "It is often assumed that surrogate mothers will have difficulties handing the child over following the birth," said Fiona MacCallum, one of the researchers from City University in London, who will present her preliminary results at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology meeting in Vienna today. "We found only one instance…
Thursday, 28 May 2020 14:07

Michelle Obama’s IVF story

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has released a memoir in which she reveals difficulties about her marriage and pregnancy with her two daughters. In the book, Becoming, Mrs Obama reveals that she had a miscarriage and used in vitro fertilisation to conceive both children, Malia and Sasha. Mrs Obama told ABC's Good Morning America she felt "lost and alone" after her miscarriage 20 years ago. She also criticised Donald Trump for "putting my family's safety at risk". Mrs Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, sought couples therapy, she also revealed for the first time in her 426-page book,…
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 14:41

Lucy Liu Opens Up About Her Journey to Motherhood Via a Surrogate

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms everywhere — no matter what your family looks like. Lucy Liu teamed up with Tylenol for their #HowWeFamily campaign to recognize the different ways moms become moms today. As part of the initiative, the usually publicity-shy actress opened up to Yahoo Celebrity about her journey to Motherhood Via a Surrogate. The Elementary star welcomed her son, Rockwell Lloyd Liu, in August 2015, via a surrogate. “I’m a single mother who had a baby through a gestational carrier, and I know that people had opinions about how it was done,” she told Yahoo…
Sunday, 24 May 2020 12:22

Anderson Cooper announces he is a father

During his weekly coronavirus town hall on Thursday night, the CNN anchor announced he welcomed a son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, weighing 7 lb. 2 oz. at birth, via surrogate on Monday. "It has been a difficult time in all of our lives, and there are certainly many hard days ahead," Cooper shared before revealing he is now a dad. "It is, I think, especially important in these times of trouble to try to hold on to moments of joy and moments of happiness. Even as we mourn the loss of loved ones, we are also blessed with new life and…
Thursday, 21 May 2020 09:26

Surrogacy: new parents stuck in US amid Covid-19 shutdown

James Washington, a 37-year-old lawyer originally from Norfolk, UK, was on the US Department of State website last Thursday trying to arrange a passport to take his newborn son, born via surrogate in the US, home to Amsterdam, when a message popped up. Due to coronavirus, the US authorities would only be issuing passports for life-or-death emergencies. Everyone else would have to wait. As a result, Washington and his husband, Rob, 36, and their 11-day-old baby are stuck in an Airbnb in Portland, Oregon. Under normal circumstances, the Washingtons would have applied for a US passport for their son, taken…
Monday, 18 May 2020 14:39

Kyiv Police Raid Clinic and Plan Investigations of 140 Foreign Nationals: Avoid This Risk

In this article, a clinic in Kyiv was raided and found falsified documentation. Any breech in the regulation and procedures for surrogacy are considered as child trafficking and taken very serious. As a result, 140 international individuals are to be investigated. Anything like would put you at risk legally and risk the custody of your child. These are things you don’t risk, and we ensure that we only work with the best. As of recent information, there are now over 30 medical facilities offering surrogacy programs in Ukraine. The quality varies greatly.   One of the many things Delivering Dreams…
Saturday, 16 May 2020 10:03

Fertility decreases monthly as IVF access is limited

Following the cessation of all fertility services (except fertility preservation for cancer patients) on 23 March 2020, fertility patients have been waiting to learn when they will be permitted to recommence treatment. For many, this has been a time of anxiety and frustration. One IVF consultant reports having had to make mental health referrals during the lockdown for patients who are suffering mentally and emotionally as a consequence of their treatment being postponed. This anxiety is particularly acute for those whose treatment outcomes are time-sensitive: for some patients, the delay might be the difference between success and failure. The government's…
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Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.