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Blog and News - Delivering Dreams
Sunday, 13 September 2020 14:13

How accurate or the results of a Non-Invasive Parental Test

NIPT tests for fetal abnormalities have a high accuracy rate, but it's only a screening test, if the result shows a high likelihood of a chromosomal abnormality, your surrogate mother still need a diagnostic test, such as CVS or amniocentesis, to find out whether your baby does have an abnormality.Sometimes the test can fail if your surrogate mother expecting twins. Or it can fail because the amount of DNA in your surrogate mother blood sample is too small to be analysed.The accuracy of NIPTs differs slightly depending on the brand, but all are most accurate at predicting Down syndrome.Because NIPT…
Thursday, 10 September 2020 13:58

What is a blastocyst?

The blastocyst is a structure formed in the early development of embryos. It possesses an inner cell mass (ICM) which subsequently forms the embryo. The outer layer of the blastocyst consists of cells collectively called the trophoblast. The term 'blastocyst' refers to the human embryo 5 - 6 days after fertilization. It is the stage of development that the embryo must reach for successful transfer and implantation. The structure of the blastocyst is more complex than earlier embryo stages because as well as increasing in cell number, the cells have become organized into 2 types, the trophectoderm, whose main role…
Sunday, 06 September 2020 13:59

Surrogacy is misunderstood and unfairly maligned - we need to change the narrative

When I was pregnant with my son, I didn’t announce anything. I let photos of my growing bump speak for themselves. With twins on the way now, I’ve given a lot of thought to how to share the news because this pregnancy is completely different. Even people who have seen me in person would never even know, because my children will be born through a surrogate. More and more, children are born through assisted reproductive technology. But where in vitro fertilization has become more commonplace, there remains an air of mystery, suspicion and misunderstanding around surrogacy. I certainly didn’t understand…
Thursday, 03 September 2020 09:56

Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez

"It's been a long, painful journey for us," the former Friday Night Lights actor, Zach Giford and his wife, Kingdom actress Kiele Sanchez shared with PEOPLE. "Zeppelin is the light of our lives." Gilford, 36, and Sanchez, 40, ultimately chose a surrogate to carry their baby and welcomed their little girl via surrogate in November 2016, a year after Sanchez suffered a late-term miscarriage. “We have always wanted to be parents, and Zeppelin has made our dreams come true,” they tell PEOPLE of their new addition.
Saturday, 29 August 2020 10:34

Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse

Amy Smart revealed via a sweet Instagram post on January 23, that she and her husband, Carter Oosterhouse, used a surrogate to welcome their first child, daughter Flora, in December. “One month ago today, Dec. 26th our amazing beautiful daughter came into this world. Feeling so grateful to have her in my arms… after years of fertility struggles I give thanks today to our kind, loving surrogate for carrying her. @carterooster,” Smart captioned a selfie with her baby girl in her arms. Oosterhouse, 40, also shared the news via Instagram, “We are so excited to announce the birth of our little lady…Flora! We love…
Wednesday, 26 August 2020 11:07

Ukrainian Surrogacy an Option for Women in the Military

Women serving in the military are about three times as likely to experience infertility as women in the general population, according to the Service Women’s Action Network, which conducted an online survey of service women in early 2018. Some 37 percent of currently serving women reported fertility issues. That’s compared to a national average of about 12%. We would love to help women in the military and veterans through affordable surrogacy and IVF programs in Ukraine.
Sunday, 23 August 2020 07:19

Sperm morphology

Sperm morphology — the size and shape of sperm — is one factor that's examined as part of a semen analysis to evaluate male infertility. Sperm morphology results are reported as the percentage of sperm that appear normal when semen is viewed under a microscope. Sperm morphology ranges indicate what percent of sperm are considered normal in size and shape. These sperm are the most likely to be able to fertilize an egg, so the percentage can give you a clue about your chances for conceiving with your partner. The ranges will differ from lab to lab, depending on the criteria used to assess the sperm. Stricter criteria will result in…
Friday, 21 August 2020 10:29

The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars - Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker

“Time is already flying by. I can’t believe my baby girl @blazetucker is already a month old!” Burruss wrote in her Instagram post. “I’ve got another blessing to love on.” The mother of three shared in an episode of Parents magazine's We Are Family podcast, that her surrogate, Shadina, had carried for another family before, and so she "was really teaching" them "a lot of things" about the process. While Burruss "was dealing with a lot more guilt" at the beginning of Shadina's pregnancy, by her second trimester, she "was really starting to appreciate her surrogate" because of the physical toll pregnancy takes on the body. "Once I…
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 08:50

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Sources close to the celebrity couple reportedly told US Weekly that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden enlisted the help of a surrogate after years of trying to fall pregnant naturally. After tying the knot in 2015, Diaz and Madden spent years trying to start a family before finally welcoming their baby girl via surrogate on December 30, 2019. They tried many options from IVF, acupuncture and supplements for ,reportedly, five years to conceive before finally deciding for surrogacy. ‘It’s no secret among their friends that they had trouble conceiving and underwent IVF and fertility treatments over the years,’ an insider shared. “Happy New Year…
Friday, 14 August 2020 08:59

Surrogacy And IVF In Ukraine: How Can I Enter Ukraine

From May, 22 till July, 31 Ukraine has entered the adaptive quarantine stage. Adaptive quarantine means that most of the restrictions have been lifted. In the areas with high infection rate all quarantine restrictions are still in place. Since June,15 air service has been resumed. Foreigners are permitted to entry Ukraine and international surrogacy can open its door. The Ukrainian government has established “Zones” to determine the procedures for guests entering Ukraine based on their country of departure. Please check your “Zone” while planning your surrogacy journey to Ukraine. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has developed criteria for "zoning"…
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Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.