Legal and financial security at top US/European standards at a fraction of US cost!


  • INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CARE: Medical facilities, fertility specialists and professionals are highly trained experts in their fields at US and European levels
  • AFFORDABLE SURROGACY: Because of the differences in economy, surrogacy at the highest medical standard can be successful at less expense
  • SAFE AND FRIENDLY: In Ghana the main language is English. It is a very friendly and welcoming country with great cuisine. Accra, the capital where all the top medical facilities we work with are located, was recommended as one of the top 10 places to visit in 2023 by the New York Times.


  • Single men
  • Single women
  • Unmarried or married couples
  • Couples with no contraindication to pregnancy or carrying a child
  • No age limitation


  • Legal guarantees – you are the child’s parent from the first weeks of pregnancy. The surrogate waives all rights to your child
  • Your name on the birth certificate with no mention of a surrogate
  • If you are single only your name will appear on the birth certificate no other name
  • Option of a Caucasian donor or local donor
  • No wait for a surrogate
  • Programs offering pre-implantation testing (PGD) to exclude genetic abnormalities in the embryos
  • Gender selection
  • Programs that offer unlimited transfers
  • Contact with your surrogate


  • You have researched surrogacy around the globe but think options that offer 100% legal surrogacy are beyond your reach financially
  • You feel that for the significant cost and importance of this process, you deserve the best chance of success
  • You are worried that many countries have unclear laws and a lot of gray areas around what is legal and what is not
  • You are frustrated by unclear contracts and programs
  • You are terrified of having no clue about what might be going on with your surrogate and child during the pregnancy so far away
  • You have heard horror stories about medical and legal problems in some countries you have considered
  • You don’t know whom to trust and fear potential scams and problems you can’t anticipate


  • Have the same protected surrogacy laws as in the US
  • Always have sole custody of your child
  • Have only your name on the birth certificate
  • Give your child your citizenship
  • Have a contract with financial and legal protections under US law
  • Work with a highly respected international surrogacy agency featured in top media outlets around the world including the New York Times Magazine cover article, The Guardian, a National Geographic Television special and many more
  • Have a choice of affordable programs with clear payment schedules linked to program/pregnancy milestones. A small, refundable first payment, and major expenses capped with a non-exceedance guarantee
  • Do not worry about any unforeseen or hidden costs as any excluded services are written explicitly. All other expenses throughout the entire program are included
  • Choose a donor from your ethnic or cultural background that meets the characteristics you wish including Caucasian donors
  • Have a step-by-step guide to all stages of the surrogacy process and key actions
  • Have constant oversight and communication for you, about your surrogate and child
  • Have a team that works only for you during your hours, watches every step, asks the hard questions, gets second options, and is ready to change doctors or even medical facilities to make sure you get the perfect care.


Our intended parents have been in your shoes. Delivering Dreams has a passionate team, systems, and relationships for your successful surrogacy, and we are always here to help!



Delivering Dreams happy couples
Delivering Dreams happy couples
Delivering Dreams happy couples


🌍 Exploring Global Surrogacy: We know the search can be overwhelming. Your dream of parenthood deserves nothing but the pinnacle of quality paired with affordability. Dive into our transformative Ghana program, where US and European medical excellence meet Ghana's embracing US-modeled legal framework and affordability, crafting an unparalleled pathway to your dream family. Look no further!

💼 Experience Matters: With a process as significant as surrogacy, you deserve the highest chance of success. Dive into our decade-long legacy of excellence and unparalleled success rates.

📜 Crystal-Clear Legality: Lost in the maze of surrogacy laws? Forget countries with blurred lines and endless gray zones. Ghana shines as a beacon, offering 100% legal surrogacy for single men, women, and coupes. We've got you covered!

🔍 Transparent Contracts, Transparent Programs: No hidden clauses. No ambiguous terms. Just straightforward programs tailored for you. Our detailed contracts ensure your financial peace of mind every step of the way.

❤️ Close to Heart, Even from Afar: It's natural to feel anxious about your surrogate and the well-being of your future child. Our real-time updates, 24/7 support, and comprehensive health check-ins guarantee you're always in the loop, no matter the distance. You participate in your child’s pregnancy through direct contact with your surrogate.

🌡️ Health is our Priority: We've heard the horror stories too. That's why Ghana stands apart, with its state-of-the-art medical facilities and expert teams. Trust in a process where safety is paramount. Surrogates are treated with the utmost respect and care and compensated significantly.

🛡️ Trusted, Tested, and True: In the journey to parenthood, trust is everything. With us, you sidestep potential scams and unforeseen problems. Our reputation is built on a decade of satisfied parents and joyful babies.

Your dream. Our mission. Let's bring life to your parenthood journey, the Ghana way! 🌟🍼

Lars Bergmann
Single father? Then a surrogacy in Ghana!

Thanks to the Delivering Dreams Ghana program, I have the opportunity to undergo the most sensitive phase - the creation of embryos and preimplantation diagnostics (PGD/NGS) - in Ukraine with the best doctors. Delivering Dreams now has multiple facilities in Ghana collaborating with selected doctors in their respective fields, regardless of their location in various hospitals or clinics.. Read more...

Verregie Woman
The Path to Motherhood as a Single Woman - Secure, Legal, and of the Highest Quality - Ghana Surrogate

Thanks to the Delivering Dreams Ghana program, I have the opportunity to undergo the most sensitive phase - the creation of embryos and preimplantation diagnostics (PGD/NGS) - in Ukraine with the best doctors. Delivering Dreams now has multiple facilities in Ghana collaborating with selected doctors in their respective fields, regardless of their location in various hospitals or clinics.. Read more...


Your Time to Start is Now!


  • Choosing Your Ideal Program: All our programs are all-inclusive - from our standard single transfer program to the all-inclusive Unlimited package, choose what suits your level of security and necessity
  • Shipping: Whether you’re bringing in existing embryos or opting for our donor/own programs, rest assured your embryos will journey safely to Ghana, facilitated by our trusted international courier
  • Surrogate Selection: Our surrogates hail from Ghana's robust middle class, aged 24-32, and have had a natural birth experience. They are English-speaking. They undergo the same stringent screening you’ve come to expect from our Ukrainian standards. Our screening includes nearly 40 tests, more than 4 times the standard surrogate testing in Ghana. It is one of the reasons for our success!
  • Embryo Transfer: Experience peace of mind as we ensure perfect medical conditions for the transfer. From ultrasound-guided procedures to pictorial updates, stay connected and informed at every stage
  • Pregnancy Monitoring: Our Ghanaian surrogate housing ensures unparalleled care. With nurses available round the clock and regular medical check-ups, witness a pregnancy journey like no other
  • The Grand Finale – Birth: Position yourself right at the heart of the magic in Ghana. Witness the miracle of birth and hold your child immediately post-delivery
  • Documentation Mastery: Receive a clear birth certificate with your name or names as parent(s) and benefit from our expertise in navigating the exit process tailored to your home country's requirements

Need A Donor? Craft Your Dream Family with Our Exclusive Donor Selection!

Donors ID: 1274

Height: 165 cm

Age: 28

Donors ID: 1031

Height: 174 cm

Age: 25

Donors ID: 0456

Height: 169 cm

Age: 29

Donors ID: 3534

Height: 168 cm

Age: 26

Step 1: Envision Your Future Family

Imagine the joy of selecting traits that resonate with your family’s lineage or desires. Whether it's the golden hair or beautiful eye color, we empower you to customize your preference list.

Step 2: Delve into Our Diverse Donor Database

Upon concluding a service agreement, step into our diverse world of donors! From the enchanting traits of Ukrainian donors to the diverse array of elite donors from every corner of the globe, we present you with a canvas of rich ethnic backgrounds to choose from. Your dream donor awaits!

Step 3: Engage with In-Depth Profiles

We bridge your dreams to reality by presenting a profile of each donor. From contemporary photographs to glimpses of their childhood, get acquainted with your potential donor through a lens of transparency and detail. You will not only see their presence but also catch a glimpse of the potential familial traits that might reflect in your future child.

Step 4: Make Your Choice with Confidence

All donors you choose from will be fully tested and approved by our doctors for donation allowing you, to make your selection with utter confidence. We guide you at each step, facilitating a seamless transition from choice to commencement, setting the stage for the wondrous journey of parenthood that lies ahead.

Act Now: Embark on this transformational journey. Let's craft a narrative where your family dreams bloom into tangible joy. Start your donor selection experience, where your vision meets our expertise, culminating in a symphony of love and life.

Get started on your journey to fulfilling dreams, one characteristic at a time. Join hands with Delivering Dreams, where the future echoes with the laughter of your cherished ones. Your beautiful tomorrow awaits!


  • Unwavering Legality: Navigate your surrogacy experience with full confidence in our legal program
  • Welcoming Everyone: No medical contraindications, age limits, or marriage prerequisites
  • Transparent Processes: Your child's birth certificate stays clear of the surrogate's details
  • Optimal Financial Solution: Attain the highest medical and legal standards at a substantially lower cost.



Speak with us to get all your questions answered, address your concerns, and gain an understanding of the process. We want you to always feel confident and comfortable. We always encourage you to ask whatever questions you have at any time for any reason. This is a huge step and we want you to feel secure and knowledgeable every step of the way.


The Services Agreement is signed electronically. You do choose a specific program at this time. We collect your tests and information to show to doctors and get their recommendations and feedback. This way you have more information to make a better-informed decision about a program that will give you security without overpaying for something you do not need.


We help you put together all your legal, medical, and shipping (if needed) documentation. We draft all the necessary documents and provide easy instructions and contacts. We make sure that is done when it is needed in the correct way. If we can’t get your documents in order and get you accepted into a Ukrainian and Ghanaian surrogacy program, we immediately refund your first payment in full. For our programs, you only have to visit Ghana once for delivery. If you plan on providing your own eggs for IVF, can do this process in Ukraine or Slovakia.


We work with your criteria and timeline to present excellent caucasian donors. Our donors are completely tested at the most thorough level of any in Ukraine. While donors are anonymous in Ukraine, you will receive photos, their height, weight, level of education, and medical history. Many are repeat donors, and we can share their past success.


We are very strict with selecting surrogates. We do a huge psychological and medical screening, they have to pass over 40 medical tests! We check their lifestyle and environment. We have a lot of candidates, but only 1 in 50 is accepted. It is our priority to make sure that we have the healthiest surrogates!


Our surrogate coordinator is in touch with them every day, as well as checking their health, style of life, and living conditions, including temperature in the house, nutrition regime, and conventional hygienic norms required for a successful course of pregnancy. Generally, we have a very strict approach to it and never had a miscarriage with PGD-tested embryos. Throughout the entire pregnancy, they relocate to specially prepared apartments, conveniently located near the clinic, where they receive care from a chef, nurses, and housekeepers.

We conduct a thorough assessment of their living conditions prior to them commencing the program to guarantee their well-being. Remember that we also look for the personal characteristics of surrogates. They must be calm, relaxed, positive, and not hesitant to reach out with questions or concerns. They very much want the pregnancy to be successful and take every possible step to make this happen.

Our surrogates always get the best of care. They must visit the clinic no less than biweekly or as prescribed by their physician. They have a personal doctor and clinic contact available 24/7. Emotional, nutritional, and general support is provided. We are in constant contact with them to ensure a continued healthy and stress-free living environment.

As the due date approaches, the surrogate mother relocates to the clinic for medical supervision. With a highly skilled team of specialists and state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal, they can receive the best possible care, contributing to the success of the childbirth process!


Another important factor in matching you with a surrogate is the level and frequency of contact you would like. Every couple is different, some enjoy receiving our weekly updates, copies of all tests, information and photos; while others like to keep in touch through email or Viber even daily. Since all our surrogates in Ghana speak English this makes sharing the pregnancy journey much easier and enjoyable. 

You will keep in touch through an online chat group that allows you both to trade photos and videos as well as chat. You can send taped messages for her to play for your baby and bond with them while the baby is still in the womb. We will send pictures of your surrogate and all tests and ultrasounds every visit and always answer your questions so you will be as much as possible a part of your child’s journey.


Our amazing embryologists create and lovingly nurture your embryos to 5 or 6-day blastocysts. Preimplantation genetic testing on all embryos is included in most of our programs. This will identify genetic abnormalities and diseases. This will improve your chance of pregnancy significantly. It takes about 3 weeks to get the results.


A licensed transportation company will hand-carry your embryos from Ukraine to Ghana in a frozen state, ready for surrogate transfer.


Once your precious embryos arrive in Ghana, your surrogate will begin endometrial stimulation in preparation for transfer.


The pregnancy blood test is taken 10 days after the transfer. It can feel like forever!
During pregnancy your surrogate is monitored constantly, visiting the clinic at least twice a month or as required by the doctors. Our personal surrogate coordinator visits her home once a month to verify that everything is well both with her and her living environment. We facilitate whatever level of relationship and contact you would like to have with your surrogate throughout the pregnancy.
You receive reports on tests and doctors’ visits throughout the pregnancy.


With your surrogate under constant monitoring, we let you know when you should be on your way. You are welcome to be present at the delivery unless there is a quarantine or complications. Your child stays in the maternity hospital for 3-5 days. You will have a private room at the maternity hospital so that you can stay with your child 24/7.


Throughout the entire pregnancy process, our team members will be responsible for preparing the exit documentation you'll require after your baby's birth. This means that shortly after the birth, you'll receive your newborn's birth certificate with your name on it, along with a complete set of documents necessary for the preparation of exit documentation!


IS DELIVERING DREAMS RIGHT FOR ME? Delivering Dreams is a great fit for you if:

  • You don’t want tens of thousands of dollars spent on hidden costs
  • You want a clear, enforceable contract with legal and financial protections
  • You want US and European top-quality communication and responsiveness in your time zone
  • You want doctors to be questioned and always be sure you understand the health and care of your child and surrogate
  • You want to start right away and be certain fully tested vaccinated surrogates are ready with no wait or extra fee
  • You want every step from the start to receiving a birth certificate of your child managed smoothly on your behalf
  • Something happens and a pregnancy is lost, you never pay again from the beginning
  • You want direct contact with your surrogate
  • Want to have a birth certificate with your name in it and a complete set of documents necessary for the preparation of exit documentation
  • You want legal and financial protections

 Delivering Dreams is NOT the best fit for you if:

  • You don’t want to contact or receive updates about your surrogate
  • You don’t care if you receive timely communication, information, and responses to your questions
  • You don’t care about cost overruns
  • You don’t mind unenforceable contracts in foreign languages
  • You accept everything in the doctor’s report without question
  • You don’t have any alternatives to the clinic and doctor you are with no matter how bad it gets or what happens
  • Don’t mind getting unhealthy surrogates and/or donors
  • Want to wait for months for a surrogate profile



  • Imagine an agency that only looks out for your interests and will change doctors or clinics to be sure your child gets the best care
  • Imagine an agency that actually loses money if your embryo transfer is unsuccessful
  • Imagine an agency that encourages a relationship between you and your surrogate so you can participate in your child’s growth and development during pregnancy
  • Imagine an agency that facilitates safe and reliable shipping to take away this work and worry 
  • Imagine an agency where the pregnancy care is so good, that the most premature child was born at 37 weeks
  • Imagine an agency that has not had a miscarriage on a PGD/NGS-tested embryo since 2020.

Delivering Dreams Brings Your Imagination To Reality. We Bring Your Hopes And Dreams To Life With Love, Care And Great Medical Care

Why Choose Delivering Dreams Agency?

Experience and Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in organizing and supporting surrogacy programs. We know every aspect of the process to ensure a smooth journey for you

Carefully Vetted Surrogate Mothers: We rigorously screen potential surrogate mothers, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being, and giving you confidence in the entire surrogacy process

Legal Support and Peace of Mind: As an American agency, Delivering Dreams provides you with an agreement that operates under U.S. laws and jurisdiction. This ensures the highest level of protection for you throughout the surrogacy journey, offering peace of mind and security in the legal and financial aspects of the process

Medical Excellence: Being an independent agency, Delivering Dreams has the flexibility to select and collaborate with the finest specialists and clinics that meet the highest standards. This allows us to provide you with a tailored approach, ensuring that you have access to the best medical care without being tied to a single institution

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way: Delivering Dreams collaborates closely with some of the top doctors in Ukraine, providing you with access to fresh perspectives and second opinions in complex situations. This additional layer of expertise ensures that you receive the highest quality care and advice at every stage of your surrogacy experience. With Delivering Dreams, you're in the hands of experienced surrogacy professionals dedicated to your well-being and success

Time and Resource Efficiency: Leveraging our established network, we expedite the process, saving you time and resources while maintaining high standards

Moral Compass and Compassion: We understand the emotional complexities of surrogacy and do our best to make the program as stress-free and positive as possible

Financial Planning: Payment is clear and scheduled over the entire process of the program and pregnancy with only a small payment upon signing




Hallo Oksana,  vielen Dank für Deine ausführliche Erklärung. Wir haben alles gut verstanden. Das zeichnet due Arbeit von Euch und Eurem Ärzteteam aus. So kann man gut vertrauen. Hello Oksana, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. We understood everything well. This is what distinguishes the work of you and your medical team. This is a good way to trust.
German couple
DD is outstanding We have just returned home to California with our beautiful daughter who was born in Lviv. The Delivering Dreams team made our trip so easy and straightforward. From our arrival to Ukraine to our departure, they had everything covered. The constant communication from the team is amazing. All of our paperwork for the embassy was properly prepared and organized. I cannot recommend them enough, we are even thinking about having another baby with DD!
Andrey Frenkel
Thank you very much Dear Oksana, Thank you very much for the great news. We still can't believe it and are totally speechless. The work you do under these difficult conditions cannot be put into words. Thank you very much for that. Liebe Oksana, vielen Dank für die super schöne Neuigkeit. Wir können es noch gar nicht glauben und sind total sprachlos. Was Ihr für eine Arbeit leistet, unter den schweren Bedingungen,  kann man nicht in Worte fassen. Vielen herzlichen Dank dafür.
Couple from Germany
Amazing surrogacy team I can't say enough about the Delivering Dreams Surrogacy team. The team has been working with us for a while now, and always do it in the most humble and amazing way. They care and pay attention to the smallest details, and are always there to guide and support every question we have along the way. They work with the greatest facilities and take care of their surrogates with every issue that is coming up. I recommend the team as they truly care about their families as ...
Read more
Eleanora G.
We are thankful we found Delivering Dreams We cannot say enough good things about Delivering Dreams who took us through our surrogacy journey - egg donor matching, sperm shipping, embryo creation, IVF, surrogacy and most importantly the birth of our healthy and beautiful baby!  All of Susan's team is exceptional but of particular note is Ivan, our Customer Experience manager, who handled every aspect of our case from inception until we exited Ukraine with our baby.  Ivan is a superstar - sma...
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W. C.
Susan and the Delivering Dreams team went FAR above and beyond for us They are the real deal of what surrogacy agencies should be. They care about the parents and equally care about their surrogates. To sum up an excruciatingly long story, prior to the invasion of Ukraine, Susan and her team helped us transfer to their agency after we’d had a bad experience with a different company. Those months of paperwork, Apostilles,etc etc were saved from requiring a redo because of her work with her ow...
Read more
E. and L.
Starting my surrogacy journey as a single parent was filled with uncertainties. But with Delivering Dreams, I felt a sense of belonging and understanding. Their comprehensive program, especially the fact that only my name would be on the birth certificate, gave me immense peace. The team's dedication, transparency, and genuine care made me feel not so 'single' in this journey. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my baby, and I owe so much to this incredible team.
From legal guidance to emotional support, Delivering Dreams has been my rock. Forever grateful! ?
The team's dedication to single parents like me is heartwarming. Can't wait to meet my little one! ?
Being a single mom-to-be, I was full of doubts. Thanks to Delivering Dreams, I now have hope and excitement for the future! ❤️

Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.