US surrogacy costs

Affordable surrogacy: US IVF, Surrogacy and Egg Donations Cost Compared with cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

US Surrogacy and Donor Costs Are Far Greater Than For Our Ukrainian Surrogacy

The average surrogacy costs in the US range from $98,000 to $160,000*. Costs will vary depending on the services required for each individual situation and location. This includes the surrogate mother fee, management fees, the cost of IVF and associated medical treatments as well as pricing for legal, travel, maternity care and other expenses. There are often additional fees that can cost up to 10-20% more.

US Surrogacy CostsFor a benchmark, US Surrogacy costs are generally broken down as follows:

  • Surrogate compensation: from $43,000 up (Surrogates are not usually immediately available and generally do not have to undergo the rigorous medical testing we conduct. In the US, the cost of such testing would be extraordinary.)
  • Program management: from $33,500 and up
  • IVF and embryo creation: from $20,000
  • Egg donor program: $17,000 and up
  • Maternity care: from $10,000 and up
  • Legal fees: between $5,000 and $15,000
  • Psychological support: from $6,500 and up
  • Travel: from $1,500 and up

*As reported by Conceiveabilities in the US.


Affordable surrogacy

Making Surrogacy AffordableThe steep cost of surrogacy in America is something not all couples can afford. Many couples have undergone cycle after cycle of IVF treatments that have left them emotionally and financially drained. Many intended parents do all they can to raise money from friends and family, online through crowd sourcing, second mortgages and home equity loans, yet still find themselves short. The cost in the US can simply be prohibitive.

We are thrilled to offer these couples our Ukrainian surrogacy programs as an affordable alternative for starting a family. And not just affordable options, but legally secure with world class medical programs, facilities and professionals.

We hope our Ukrainian Surrogacy will provide you the alternative you need to fulfil you dream of becoming parents.

*Conceiveabilities US Agency






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