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We believe in delivering the quality options and level of service we would expect ourselves.

We care about supporting you and your surrogate, because we care about the well being your child.

All our packages are comprehensive, from first contact to getting your child home.


Our Ukrainian Surrogacy Statistics

Surrogacy Programs Success Rates*

Surrogacy cost in ukraine
  • Surrogacy with Own Ooctyes - 44% (all ages)
  • Surrogacy with Egg Donor - 77%-80%
  • Surrogacy with Donor Sperm - 41% (all ages)
  • Surrogacy with FET 68%
  • 3 Transfers Package with Egg Donor - 99%
  • Unlimited Transfers + Egg Donor - 100%

*Our success rates are for HEALTHY BIRTHS, not just positive pregnancy tests.

International surrogacy programs

Unlimited guarantee programs: transfers, cycles and surrogates

- Designed for total certainty;

- Choice of multiple programs to meet your concerns without overcharging you for something unnecessary;

For example:

  • Multiples surrogates, donors, transfers or all of these
  • Unlimited programs with donor or your own eggs

All unlimited programs in existence have requirements, we also multiple transfer programs with no requirements

Surrogacy from existing embryos

- Logistics for specialized shipping;

- Coordination throughout shipping;

- Frozen embryo transfer.

Surrogacy with own oocytes

- Come to Ukraine to start;

- Or do your stimulation at home;

- Our doctors set protocols;

- Constant doctor oversight;

- You come for egg retrieval.

Surrogacy with egg donation

- Donors that meet your characteristics;

- Repeat donors available;

- Typically, all donors are Caucasian;

- Non-Caucasian donors are also available.

99% success rate program

- Up to 3 transfers with egg donation;

- Higher than 99% success rate;

- More affordable than multiple single transfers.


Individualized programs to meet your concerns and unique situation

Share your concerns and medical history. We consult with doctors and specialists and create unique program packages to meet your specific needs and ensure success.



  • Personalize program plan
  • Legalization and translations of documents
  • Oversight and guidance through any required medical tests
  • Comprehensive surrogate screening
  • Thorough donor screening
  • Choice of surrogate and donor based on your requests
  • Meeting with your surrogate

  • Level of contact you request throughout pregnancy
  • Surrogate compensation and living stipend
  • Medications for egg donor and surrogate
  • Egg retrieval
  • Donor compensation
  • Cryopreservation and storage for 1 year
  • Comprehensive embryo reports with photos

  • Cultivation of embryos
  • IVF with ICSI
  • Interpretation throughout
  • Personalized support for your surrogate
  • Your presence at birth
  • Pediatrician care at birth
  • Documentation and receipt of your child’s birth certificate with you as parents


We are so confident in our program costs, if the cost goes over the cost in our agreement for any reason other than those clearly outlined in our contract — we pay the extra amount. This give you the peace of mind that you will not be asked to every pay more to a surrogate or donor, standard fixed medical care from day one will not increase and documentation and legal costs required will never go up.



For intended parents ready to start right away. If you sign and make your first payment within 30 days of meeting, we offer $1000 towards your travel expenses. No need to travel, we will credit this amount against your second payment.



Different programs have different exclusions. Some have non. Please set up a free consultations to get the program that is best for you.

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