Surrogacy for single men

Surrogacy stands as an unwavering pathway to parenthood for unmarried men, offering a beacon of hope in their quest to embrace fatherhood. In an era marked by the broadening scope of pathways to parenthood, surrogacy agencies have risen in prominence, particularly among single individuals. The progressive evolution of parenthood options has ushered in a surge of interest in surrogacy, especially among men who find themselves on a solo parenting journey.

While surrogacy undoubtedly presents a tangible avenue for men to embark on the adventure of parenthood without a partner, a judicious approach encompassing a comprehensive exploration of possibilities is imperative before taking the momentous leap into this transformative expedition of nurturing a child. The trajectory towards fatherhood, carved through the channels of surrogacy, necessitates meticulous premeditation and introspection.

Gestational Carriers for Single Men

The compensated surrogacy procedure involves connecting a intended parent with a surrogate who will assume the role of the "birth mother" or gestational surrogate. The surrogate is compensated for carrying the pregnancy to term and undergoing the inherent pregnancy and delivery-related risks. Once a suitable candidate is selected as a gestational carrier, an embryo, formed from the intended parents' or donors' sperm and egg, is implanted. This ensures that the surrogate will not have any genetic link to the future child. In the case of a single individual, they can contribute sperm to fertilize a donor egg, which is subsequently transferred to the gestational carrier through an embryo transfer.

Opting for the assistance of a surrogacy agency and surrogacy attorneys to achieve parenthood is a safer route compared to independently searching for a surrogate. Agencies meticulously evaluate potential surrogacy candidates and oversee the matching process to ensure both legal compliance and seamless progress. If you decide on this avenue, you will have the opportunity to establish a connection with your surrogate and actively engage throughout the entire procedure.

Pros and Cons of Single Father Surrogacy

Introduction: Prior to making a commitment to surrogacy, it's crucial to thoroughly weigh the potential advantages and drawbacks of the process. Each journey towards parenthood is distinctive, with the surrogacy experience being influenced by individual financial circumstances.

Pros of Surrogacy

1. Fulfillment of Fatherhood Aspirations: Surrogacy provides an avenue to realize your dream of becoming a father, even without a partner.
2. Biological Connection: It allows you to contribute your own sperm, resulting in the birth of a biological child.

3. Customized Donor Traits: You have the opportunity to select specific traits from an egg donor, tailoring the process to your preferences.

4. Bond with the Surrogate: The possibility emerges for both you and your child to maintain a meaningful connection with the surrogate, fostering a unique relationship.

5. Predictability: Compared to waiting for adoption candidacy, surrogacy might offer a more predictable path to parenthood.

Cons of Surrogacy

1. Higher Cost: Engaging in surrogacy often comes with a greater financial burden compared to adoption services.

- Delivering Dreams offers accessible surrogacy programs for single men in Ghana, complete with exclusive service offerings and comprehensive support.

2. Limited Financial Aid: Options for financial assistance during surrogacy are relatively constrained.

- All surrogacy programs from USA based Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency provide a convenient payment schedule, strategically designed to minimize financial stress.

3. Social Stigma: The choice of surrogacy is becoming increasingly common in today's world, embraced not only by celebrities, but also by anyone for whom family is a vital aspect of life.

- In the modern world, surrogacy is becoming a choice not only for celebrities but for everyone who values family as an integral part of life.

The Path to Single Fatherhood: Surrogacy vs. Adoption

When a single man embarks on the transformative journey of fatherhood, surrogacy and adoption stand out as two prominent choices, each teeming with its unique advantages:

  • Genetics: Surrogacy offers a unique chance to have a biological child, presenting the privilege to choose an egg donor with precision. In contrast, adoption agencies often limit child selection, whereas surrogacy employs advanced technologies to meticulously screen embryos, ensuring only the best are chosen.
  • Legal Clarity: Surrogacy bypasses the need for birth parents to give up their rights, a typical process in adoption. This translates to a smoother legal experience where your parental rights are established well before your child's birth, based firmly in the surrogacy agreement.
  • Finances: While surrogacy does come with agency and medical expenses, consider it an invaluable investment in choice and certainty. While adoption may come with a lesser price tag, burgeoning surrogacy-specific benefits and fertility loans can help balance the financial scales.
  • Wait Time: Surrogacy generally offers a faster route to parenthood. Eschewing prolonged adoption agency waitlists, linking with a surrogate generally comes with a more predictable and expedited timeline.
  • Leadership and Control: Surrogacy places you in the driving seat. From selecting the surrogate to dictating the egg or embryo donation method, you shape your journey. You can ensure premier prenatal care and even cultivate a connection with your surrogate. In adoption, the birth mother largely helms the decision-making process.

Whichever path you gravitate towards, surrogacy or adoption, it's about aligning with your personal aspirations, values, and fatherhood vision.

Challenges Single Fathers Might Face in Surrogacy Journey

Embarking on the path of surrogacy comes with its set of challenges, especially for single men who, at times, feel they have added hurdles compared to women seeking parenthood. However, with evolving societal perspectives, support networks, and cutting-edge technology, these barriers are becoming more surmountable.

Legal Landscape Surrounding Surrogacy for Single Fathers

The journey towards single fatherhood is not just an emotional one but also one that's wrapped in legal complexities. Single fathers are legally held to the same standards as couples or single mothers when it comes to surrogacy. Some territories might not legally uphold surrogacy agreements. Still, on the flip side, the legal climate is warming up to compensated surrogacy in many states. Single dads would benefit greatly from seeking legal expertise and grounding themselves in the surrogacy laws relevant to their locale.

Navigating Public Perception: Surrogacy vs. Adoption

There's no denying that public opinion often leans towards adoption, viewing it as the morally superior route for single fathers, often sidelining individual preferences. But as society evolves, the misconceptions surrounding surrogacy are gradually dissipating. We stand firm in our belief that, with thorough understanding and a conscientious approach, everyone has the right to family creation, independent of their marital or relationship status.

Surrogacy for Single Men in Ghana

For single men keen on venturing into surrogacy, Ghana stands out as a beacon of hope, particularly when guided by the expertise of USA based agency Delivering Dreams. Here's why entrusting Delivering Dreams for your surrogacy endeavor in Ghana epitomizes prudence and vision:

Legal Framework: Our surrogacy initiative in Ghana strictly adheres to local regulations, assuring a seamless and straightforward journey for everyone involved.

No Need for Medical Justifications: There's no requirement to demonstrate any medical reasons against fathering a child. We champion the right of every man to make his choice.

Age is No Barrier: We genuinely believe that age doesn't define one's readiness or capability. We wholeheartedly support single men across age groups in their aspiration to become fathers.

Clear Parental Rights: Within Ghana's jurisdiction, neither the surrogate nor the donor (if utilized) will appear on the child's birth certificate. This clarity safeguards your exclusive parental rights, sidestepping possible legal intricacies.

Broad Donor Selection: For those who prefer Caucasian donors, our expansive portfolio caters to diverse preferences, ensuring an impeccable match.

Economical Approach: Embrace the surrogacy journey in Ghana at substantially reduced expenses compared to the US, without compromising on medical or legal excellence. Quality care meets affordability here.

Multiple Hospital Partnerships: Mirroring our extensive collaborations in Ukraine, our affiliations in Ghana span three distinguished hospitals. This autonomy implies we aren't restricted by any single clinic's methodologies or stipulations. Our unwavering dedication lies in championing your interests, guaranteeing personalized care that aligns with your unique requirements.

With Delivering Dreams spearheading your surrogacy adventure in Ghana, single men can look forward to an expedition underscored by expertise, empathy, and steadfast commitment. We're passionate about translating your fatherhood aspirations into a heartfelt reality.

Ignite Your Surrogacy Adventure: Dive In Now!

Feeling overwhelmed about starting your surrogacy journey? Let's transform that uncertainty into pure excitement! Dive into this life-changing adventure by quickly filling out our streamlined form. As soon as you hit ‘Book meeting’, an exclusive door swings open: a golden ticket to converse directly with Susan Kibler, the dynamic force behind Delivering Dreams. Imagine tapping directly into her wealth of knowledge, all geared to light up your path! With her genuine warmth and unrivaled expertise, she'll illuminate the unknown, answer every burning question, and set you on a journey brimming with confidence. Remember, every epic story begins with one bold move. Why wait? Your parenthood dreams are shimmering on the horizon, and all it takes is that one brave step. Dive in, and let's make magic together!

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Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.


Under Ukrainian law, surrogacy is a legal affordable option for traditionally married couples to have children using their own embryos, or with either an egg or sperm donor. There must be a medical reason you can’t carry a child. You are also able to participate if you have had 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts.