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Why Choose Ukraine for Surrogacy?

Ukraine offers several advantages for surrogacy, making it an attractive option for intended parents worldwide. Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal, and the laws provide robust protections for intended parents. Surrogates have no legal rights to the child, ensuring a secure and clear legal process. Additionally, Ukraine allows for commercial surrogacy, gender selection, and the choice of both surrogate and egg donor, making the process more personalized and flexible.

Cheapest surrogacy in USALegal Framework

Ukraine has a well-defined legal framework that supports and regulates surrogacy. Surrogacy contracts are enforceable, and the intended parents’ names are placed directly on the birth certificate, eliminating any legal uncertainties regarding parental rights. This legal clarity provides peace of mind for intended parents, knowing that their rights are fully protected from the beginning.

High-quality reproductive medicine & surrogacy in UkraineHigh-Quality Medical Services

Ukraine is known for its high-quality medical services, particularly in reproductive medicine. Clinics in Ukraine are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced professionals. This ensures that intended parents receive top-notch medical care throughout the surrogacy process, from IVF treatments to prenatal care and delivery.

Ukraine Surrogacy Costs

One of the primary reasons intended parents consider Ukraine is the lower surrogacy costs compared to other countries. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the surrogacy costs in Ukraine:

Ukraine Surrogacy Agency Fees, Surrogacy cost in Ukraine

Agency Fees

Partnering with an agency like Delivering Dreams involves agency fees. These fees cover coordination, support, and legal assistance throughout the journey. The agency takes care of all logistical aspects, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for the intended parents.

How Much Does a Surrogate Cost in USA

Medical Expenses

This includes IVF procedures, prenatal care, and delivery costs. Ukraine offers high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost in the USA or other Western countries. Medical expenses also cover necessary tests and treatments to ensure the health of the surrogate and the baby. The comprehensive medical package often includes all essential services, minimizing unexpected additional costs.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in USA

Legal Fees

Legal processes in surrogacy are crucial for ensuring all agreements are enforceable and the intended parents’ rights are protected. These costs are also relatively lower in Ukraine. Legal fees include drafting and reviewing contracts, processing legal documents, and ensuring compliance with both Ukrainian and international laws. Comprehensive legal support ensures that all aspects of the process are handled professionally and efficiently.

Surrogate Mother Costs & Pricing in USA

Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate compensation in Ukraine is generally lower than in countries like the USA. At the same time, this cost is a significant portion of the overall expenses but is considerably lower than in many Western countries. Compensation covers various stages, including the pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery recovery period. This includes payments for the surrogate’s time, effort, and the physical demands of pregnancy.

Ukraine Surrogacy - additional expenses

Additional Costs

Other costs may include travel, accommodation, and living expenses for the surrogate during pregnancy. These costs are considerably lower in Ukraine. Travel expenses cover flights and local transportation, while accommodation costs include housing for intended parents during key medical appointments or the baby’s birth. Living expenses for the surrogate ensure she has a comfortable and healthy environment throughout the pregnancy.

When considering these components, the overall surrogacy cost in Ukraine can be significantly more affordable. While exact figures can vary, many intended parents find the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine to be around 50-60% less than in the USA.

Cost of Surrogacy Without Agency

While some intended parents might consider pursuing surrogacy independently to save on agency fees, this can be risky and complicated. Agencies like Delivering Dreams provide valuable services, including legal protection, surrogate screening, and overall coordination, which are crucial for a successful journey. The cost savings of not using an agency are often outweighed by the potential for legal issues, health risks, and logistical challenges.

Benefits of Working with Delivering Dreams

Choosing the right surrogacy agency is crucial for a smooth and successful journey. Delivering Dreams offers numerous benefits, making them a top choice for intended parents considering surrogacy in Ukraine:

Quick Surrogate Matching in Ukraine

Immediate Surrogate Matching

Delivering Dreams provides immediate matching with surrogates, eliminating long waiting times and allowing intended parents to start their journey without delay. Quick matching is facilitated by the agency’s extensive network of thoroughly screened surrogates, ensuring a perfect match for each intended parent.

Step-by-Step Surrogacy Fees

Thorough Screening

The agency ensures that all surrogates and egg donors undergo thorough medical and psychological screening, ensuring the health and suitability of all parties involved. Screening includes comprehensive health evaluations, genetic testing, and psychological assessments, providing peace of mind to intended parents.

Communication Between Surrogate and Intended Parents

Advanced Communication Tools

Delivering Dreams offers unlimited contact with surrogates through advanced communication tools, facilitating a close and transparent relationship throughout the pregnancy. This continuous communication ensures that intended parents are fully informed and involved at every stage of the process.

What Are The Costs of Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Safe Housing Options

Intended parents can choose safe housing options in Lviv or Slovakia, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for the surrogate during her pregnancy. Safe housing includes medical facilities, access to healthcare professionals, and a supportive community, ensuring the well-being of the surrogate and the baby.

Pre-implantation genetic testing price

Genetic Testing (PGD)

The agency includes pre-implantation genetic testing (PGD) to ensure the health of the embryos, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. PGD allows for the selection of the healthiest embryos, reducing the risk of genetic disorders and enhancing the overall success of the process.

The true price of using surrogate mother

Comprehensive Legal Support

Delivering Dreams operates under US laws and ensures all payments are made legally. The agency provides full legal support, including obtaining travel documents and citizenship for the child. Legal experts handle all necessary paperwork and legal processes, ensuring a seamless transition for the intended parents and their new baby.

Chances of success with surrogacy

High Success Rates

With a focus on the quality of medical care and thorough screening processes, Delivering Dreams boasts high success rates, providing intended parents with confidence in achieving their dream of parenthood. The agency’s success is attributed to its meticulous approach, experienced medical professionals, and comprehensive support systems.

Ukraine Surrogacy Cost Estimates & Information

Transparent Costs

The agency guarantees transparent costs with no hidden fees. This transparency helps intended parents plan their finances accurately and avoid unexpected expenses. Detailed cost breakdowns and clear payment schedules provide financial clarity and stability throughout the journey.

Comparison of the surrogacy programs

FROZEN ET€ 49,700
DONOR€ 53,100
Organization and support of the programs
Assistance With All Legal Documents And Shipping
Ukrainian Birth Certificate
Citizenship For Your Home Country
Main program specifics
Surrogate Search, Medical Screening And Compensation
IVF + ICSI + One Embryo Transfer ET only
Pregnancy care
Control And Monitoring The Pregnancy, Care For The SM
(Medications, Ultrasound Examinations And Analyzes)
Natural Childbirth
Delivery In An International Class Maternity Hospital
Private Room For Intended Parents And Their Child

SM — Prospective or selected Surrogate who meets all requirements under Ukrainian law and chooses freely to carry and give birth to a Child for Intended Parents.

IVF — In Vitro Fertilization, the process of manipulating germ cells outside the body in order to fertilize and cultivate embryo(s) for implantation into the SM.

PGD — Preimpantation Genetic Diagnosis is the genetic examination of cells of an embryo created after in vitro fertilization before its transfer to the uterus of the SM to check for any genetic diseases or abnormalities. We offer PGD using Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology in all our programs.

ET — Embryo Transfer is the transfer of an embryo/embryos through the cervix into the uterus of the SM.

Full Protection Insurance Coverage can be added to any surrogacy program. It covers all potential expenses that might arise from complications and/or NICU up to $25,000. It gives financial assurances by covering the cost of medical issues for your surrogate and child during the pregnancy, such as cesarean section, miscarriage, pregnancy termination or ectopic pregnancy, stillborn birth, hysterectomy, SMOrgan loss, Preterm labor care, neo-natal care, testing, or any other care clearly above usual pregnancy care to protect the health of the Childor SM before and after birth.

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Our Guarantees

Legal Compliance and Protection

Your surrogacy journey will fully comply with the laws of Ukraine and the USA, offering complete legal and financial protection for you, the intended parents.

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