International Surrogacy


Your surrogate will be carrying, and caring for, your child through the pregnancy. It is essential that we make sure that each and every surrogate working with Delivering Dreams meets the strictest requirements and receives the highest level of care and support. As with our donors, we want only the best of the best.

WHY OUR SURROGATES ARE THE BESTSurrogate Selection: Our surrogates are not only young and healthy, but well educated. Ukraine has the 4th highest rate of education in the world. Most surrogates have university degrees and often advanced degrees.

Before a surrogate profile is even sent to you to consider, they have been carefully vetted. All our potential surrogates must be between 20-36 years of age and have had a successful, healthy, problem-free pregnancy. After meeting those requirements, only about 1 out of every 12 of applicants are accepted into our surrogacy programs.

Potential Surrogates Must:

  • Have at least one healthy child of their own born naturally
  • Be between 18 and 35 years old
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have no family history of poor health, disease or disorders
  • Not smoke, drink or use drugs
  • Have no exposure to chemicals or other dangers

Every surrogate must pass:

  • Extensive interviews
  • Medical screening
  • Drug screening
  • Psychological screening
  • Criminal background check
  • Home visit – we want them to have a stable, safe and healthy living environment
  • Pregnancy and family health history - medical record review by a medical professional

Delivering Dreams understands that making sure your surrogate maintains a very healthy lifestyle throughout the pregnancy is essential. We also know that equally important is ensuring that surrogates are extremely well screened. We want them to have always maintained a healthy lifestyle - with good nutrition, a safe living and working environment and support from those she loves.

Surrogate Care and Monitoring During Pregnancy: Throughout the pregnancy, your surrogate will receive constant physiological and medical support. Our surrogates understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle and we monitor them to ensure they follow our guidelines, medical instructions and any individual restrictions or requests you may have. 

Your Relationship With Your Surrogate: We encourage you to meet your surrogate before beginning the process if you would like - in person or virtually. Another important factor in matching you with a surrogate is the level and frequency of contact you would like. Every couple is different, some enjoy receiving our weekly updates, copies of all tests, information and photos; while others like to keep in touch through email or Skype.

Surrogate Compensation: To ensure we have the very best choice of surrogates for you, we compensate our surrogates well. Surrogates receive a stipend each month for nutritious food and pregnancy clothing and they are paid approximately $15-16,000 after delivery. Although this may seem extremely low compared with the $30-80,000 surrogates in the US can receive, within the context of the Ukrainian economy, this equals many times the average annual salary.

At Delivering Dreams we understand your complete surrogate screening, care, health and happiness is a critical part of your child's health and well being. Contact us to learn more about what makes our process for ensuring this result so different and successful.