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  • Ukrainian IVF, surrogacy and egg donation cost, about a third of IFV, Surrogacy and egg donations costs in the US, we understand your investment is significant. We can offer our clients financing for your Ukrainian surrogacy of up to $35,000 through our financial partner.
  • Ukraine’s very strong surrogacy laws protect intended parents with surrogacy contracts that are binding and enforceable at the highest federal level. The child is yours from inception. The birth certificates have your names and no mention of a surrogate or donor. No adoption is necessary.​
  • Our Ukrainian surrogates and egg donors are thoroughly screened, monitored and successful. There is no wait to begin. We have a large selection of healthy and educated women looking forward to working with you.​
  • High success rates and low rates of miscarriage. After all, the goal is to grow your family successfully. An average of 68% successful births with egg donors on the first attempt.
  • They are immaculate, modern, with new top of the line western equipment. Their standards and protocols meet all US and European standards. Our agency only works with doctors, clinics and hospitals that meet our strict standards of excellence.
  • We are entirely up front with all costs– what is included, what is optional, and help you budget and play appropriately. We are committed to protecting your financial and emotional investments and offer our clients financing through our financial partner for terms up to 5 years. Our payment schedule is divided into planned payments with the largest payment after delivery. Working with Delivering Dreams, we guarantee you will never have any financial surprises.
  • We work for you! No two couples are the same. Our job is to listen and provide you with services, surrogates and donors that meet your requirements
  • It is never too late to think about surrogacy in Ukraine! There are no age limits for intended parents.
  • We know and love Ukraine! Having worked and had a permanent presence in Ukraine since the early 1990’s we know speak their language both figuratively and literally.

International surrogacy center and services

  • Working in both the US and Ukraine, we insure you meet all the necessary requirements for the Ukrainian surrogacy program under Ukrainian law to participate before you begin. We assist you with all the necessary tests and documentation in the US and Ukraine.
  • Gender selection is legal and all donors and surrogates are Caucasian.
  • Delivering Dreams is an American company. This may sound insignificant, but we believe with international surrogacy you should have working with a company owned by Americans and operating with all the protections of US law. We don’t want you to risk carrying stacks of US dollars to Ukraine to pay in cash or face high wire transfer fees of up to 5%. With us, all payments are made legally in the US.

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Susan Kersch-Kibler: Founder of Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency

Learn more about Susan Kersch-Kibler, the founder of Delivering Dreams Affordable International Surrogacy Agencies.

I have been inspired by my personal struggle with infertility, creating our family, and my love for Ukraine. I have over 25 years’ experience in Ukraine and more than 12 years successfully building families.

Through Delivering Dreams, I strive to always provide the most personalized and responsive service throughout the entire surrogacy process, from application to bringing your newborn home; as well as offering guaranteed fixed-fee pricing and legal protections to minimize uncertainty.

My goal is to make international surrogacy a simple and successful path to parenthood for all who cannot conceive or carry a child.

We believe you deserve to achieve the dream of having a family.

International surrogacy center in Ukraine will realize this dream!

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