Why Choose Delivering Dreams?

“At Delivering Dreams, we blend the art of care with the precision of expertise, ensuring your path to parenthood is as smooth and fulfilling as the journey itself.”

Susan Kersch-Kibler

International Quality Care: Experience world-class medical facilities and fertility specialists in Ghana, paralleling US and European standards. Highly experienced medical professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest professional care in your journey to parenthood.
Affordable Surrogacy: Witness how economic differences make surrogacy in Ghana viable and cost-effective, without compromising on medical standards. This program offers the highest medical standard of surrogacy at a more accessible cost, making your dream of parenthood financially attainable.
Legal Guarantees: Security from the start. In our program, legalities are clear - you are recognized as the child’s parent from the early stages of pregnancy. The surrogate unequivocally waives all rights to the child, ensuring your undisputed parenthood.
Inclusive Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGD): Quality is not an option, it's a standard. Our programs include the PGD of your embryos, providing vital information about the quality of your embryos, and ensuring the best start for your future child.
Gender Selection Option: Tailored for your vision of family. Our program offers the unique opportunity to choose the gender of your future child, utilizing advanced medical techniques. This choice empowers you to shape your parenthood journey according to your dreams and desires.
Immediate Surrogate Selection: With Delivering Dreams, the wait is over. Select your surrogate mother immediately, without the typical year-long or more waiting period, ensuring a seamless start to your journey.


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Susan Kersch-Kibler
Founder of Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency and author of "Successful Surrogacy: Your Guide to Realizing Your Dreams of Parenthood Through Surrogacy," is a dedicated professional with over 25 years of experience. Her passion stems from her personal journey with infertility and her profound love. Her commitment in Delivering Dreams is to provide personalized service and legal protection, simplifying the path to parenthood through international surrogacy.



Verregie Woman

The Path to Motherhood as a Single Woman I can't praise enough my positive experience with this exceptional team. My concern was to achieve the dream of parenthood as a single woman through legal means and without legal complications. My goal was to establish parenthood in Germany without any legal difficulties.

Lars Bergmann

Single father? Then a surrogacy in Ghana! There are many single fathers in Germany. These are mainly also fathers who had their first children taken away by the ex-wife or the youth welfare office. The divorce rate in Germany is almost 50%. After a separation, the mother receives the joint children in 95% of cases.

What to Expect on 45 min. Consultation

Tailored to Your Unique Path:

Every story is different. We'll delve into yours, understanding every nuance to craft a journey as unique as you are.

Navigating the Surrogacy Journey:

Step into the world of surrogacy with a clear roadmap. Our expert guidance illuminates each step, ensuring a journey of confidence and clarity.

The First Step in Your Surrogacy Journey:

Setting the course for your surrogacy journey with precision and understanding. We offer personalized assistance and answers to ensure a confident and well-informed start to this remarkable venture

A Pledge of Safety and Trust:

Your safety, the surrogate's wellbeing, and the child's security are paramount. We address your concerns with the utmost care, providing peace of mind.

Seamless Documentation Process:

Understanding the intricacies of exit documentation is crucial. We guide you through every requirement and timeline, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

A Match Made in Precision:

Our bespoke surrogate matching process is designed with meticulous care, ensuring the perfect match for your family's future.

Support Services:

Understand the tempo of your surrogacy experience. We outline the typical timeline, helping you plan each moment with precision.

Q&A Session:

We allow ample time for the clients to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of surrogacy. Address specific concerns or inquiries they may have.

Next Steps and Decision-Making:

Discuss the steps involved in moving forward with the surrogacy process. Provide information on how the agency will support them in making informed decisions.

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